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Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred.

Services of the counseling center are free of charge in situation of crisis pregnancy. Principle of confidentiality and trust is respected.  

Please schedule an appointment before coming in. 

Counseling center
Požarevačka 29, Vračar
Belgrade, Serbia

064 266 9242


1. Information

At our counseling center you can get information and brochures on sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, child’s prenatal development, as well as on the consequences of abortion on reproductive, mental, and spiritual health of a woman.

2. Counseling during unwanted/crisis pregnancy situation

At our counseling center you can get a free pregnancy test. If you already are in unwanted and/or crisis pregnancy situation, our counselors will help you get all the necessary information and consider all options available to you for giving birth to a baby and keeping it.  

3. Post-abortion counseling

If you have already experienced deliberate termination of pregnancy, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, you can also receive appropriate help through individual or group counseling. Do not hesitate, the hardest thing to do is to make that first step and ask for help, given without being judged and with maximum discretion.

“Not all women suffer the same way after abortion. Some women, which is hard to believe, do not feel shame or regret for too long. But others spend their whole lives trying to redeem themselves for the mistake they had made, punishing themselves, becoming emotional ruins, having nightmares, they suffocate their children with love in order to compensate for the past and refuse to forgive themselves “ - Sheila Harper

4. Counseling in case of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

“Social taboo,” “stolen happiness”, and “silent departure” are just some of the attempts to describe the loss of child caused by miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. 

“Miscarriage” is a term describing unplanned loss of unborn child up to 28th week of pregnancy.There is early miscarriage (prior to 16th week of pregnancy) and late miscarriage (from 17th to 28th week of pregnancy). Majority of miscarriages occur in first trimester, i.e. up to 12th week. If causes of miscarriage are discovered, future pregnancies are most likely to be preserved. 

Individuals faced with a miscarriage often go through phases of blaming themselves, blaming medical staff, rage, panic, silence, up to indifference. Feelings of confusion and fear interchange as well as uneasiness, closing away from the loved ones, nausea, and apathy. Women and their partners face various problems such as negative self-image (“I shouldn’t have worked so much; “I shouldn’t have taken that trip”, “I should not have treated my wife like that,” “I haven’t paid enough attention to her”). Maternal/paternal identity is often questioned. The social environment, as well as reaction of the loved ones can sometimes have negative impact. Comments such as: “it is better it ended that way, the baby was probably ill”, “you are young, healthy, you will have at least two more kids”, ‘don’t worry, it wasn’t really a formed baby” can hardly comfort us. 

Some advice on what to do when miscarriage happens:

Allow yourself natural grieving process for the lost child. However, pain and sorrow should not become dominant, since such a lifestyle can bring about many serious effects on personal relationships, as well as health problems. So, put an effort to get rid of thoughts about your own guilt: you are NOT GUILTY for the miscarriage. Great number of women and couples has been through that experience. It can happen to anyone.Do not torture yourself by asking the question: “Why did this happen to me?” over and over again. It is extremely important to go through the grieving period. Grieving is normal and human, necessary and useful reaction to tragedy.Accept emotional reactions of your spouse, whatever they may be. If necessary, seek counseling help.

5. Organizing conferences, lectures, workshops and debates


  • Preservation of reproductive health and sexual integrity
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of pornography consummation
  • Post-abortive syndrome and emotional healing

6. Permanent education of the youth


  • Preservation of reproductive health and sexual integrity
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of pornography consummation
  • Post-abortive syndrome and emotional healing

7. Psychotherapy

8. Promotion of parenting and multi-child families

9. Help for multi-child families, single parents and parents and children with disabilities

10. Cooperation with similar organizations, institutions, schools, universities

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Counseling center
Požarevačka 29, Vračar
Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: 064 266 9242
Е-mail: centarzabebe@gmail.com
Facebook: ZA BEBE


Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred. Main purpose of our association is to raise public awareness about the value of every human life in its most vulnerable phase, i.e. prior to birth.


Mission of the association “Pro Baby” Center is to provide information, counseling and education related to reproductive health and fertility, pregnancy, prenatal development, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, consequences of abortion..


  • Preservation of fertility and reproductive potential of population
  • Preventive reproductive health
  • Reduction of deliberate termination of pregnancy in adolescent girls