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Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred.

Services of the counseling center are free of charge in situation of crisis pregnancy. Principle of confidentiality and trust is respected.  

Please schedule an appointment before coming in. 

Counseling center
Požarevačka 29, Vračar
Belgrade, Serbia

064 266 9242

Mila Todorović, MSc

Health Communicologist and Germanist

Mila has many years of experience in consulting women in the situation of crisis pregnancy, as well as women facing the post abortion syndrome. Founder and President of "Pro Baby" Centre. Coordinator of Post-Abortion Counseling program "Save One" in Serbia. 

Areas of Work:

  • Counseling women in the situation of crisis pregnancy
  • Counseling women facing the post abortion syndrome  
  • Organization of conferences, round table discussions, lectures, workshops and educational courses on the topics of reproductive health, sexual integrity, prevention of pornography (Save One - Conference on consequences of post abortion syndrome and training of post abortion counselors, Belgrade 2013; Public discussion: ABORTION - Individual and Social Implications, Belgrade 2015...)
  • Participation in lectures and conferences in Serbia and abroad (World Congress of Families, Belgrade 2015; Soul-Body-Identity, St. Pölten, Austria, 2015; IV National Congress on Children and Natality, Aleksandrovac 2014; Conference on Selective Abortions, Podgorica 2014...)  
"In spite of availability of information in the computer era and existence of ultrasound diagnostics, a large number of women and girls face unplanned pregnancies. Many of them decide to terminate the unplanned pregnancy. They take this decision mostly because they do not have sufficient information on their own sexuality and on consequences the abortion might have on their reproductive health (in extreme cases it can even lead to sterility), as well as on numerous other consequences known as the post abortion syndrome. Also, the women decide to have an abortion because they see no solution to their situation - their partner usually does not want the baby, and their parental families also deprive them of their support. Our mission is to strengthen the women who are facing crisis pregnancies when they are subjected to various pressures and blackmails from their partners and their environment within a short time period, to help them develop their psychological and spiritual potentials and to build a network of support on which they can rely while performing the most wonderful task of motherhood." 


Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred. Main purpose of our association is to raise public awareness about the value of every human life in its most vulnerable phase, i.e. prior to birth.


Mission of the association “Pro Baby” Center is to provide information, counseling and education related to reproductive health and fertility, pregnancy, prenatal development, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, consequences of abortion..


  • Preservation of fertility and reproductive potential of population
  • Preventive reproductive health
  • Reduction of deliberate termination of pregnancy in adolescent girls