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Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred.

Services of the counseling center are free of charge in situation of crisis pregnancy. Principle of confidentiality and trust is respected.  

Please schedule an appointment before coming in. 

Counseling center
Požarevačka 29, Vračar
Belgrade, Serbia

064 266 9242

Đurđica Ristić

Social Worker, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Certified Family Systems Therapist   

Has years of experience as a Social worker and Psychotherapist working with adults, adolescents and children  

Areas of work: 
  • Research and development of client\'s own personal potential and raising awareness about oneself and others
  • Creating own desired identity
  • Personal discontent and discontent with society relations
  • Traumatic events, losses, grieving, stress
  • Working on the body and psychosomatic disorders
  • Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, eating and sleeping disorders
  • Depressions, traumas
  • Working with the emotions of anger, shame and guilt 
  • Problems in partner relationships 
  • Dysfunctional behavior patterns and symptoms of individual family members, change, behavior patterns 
  • Family problems, divorce connected problems
  • Failure in school, problems connected with studying
  • Working with dreams 

  • Individual
  • Support and counseling to future mothers on their current problems
  • Family  
  • Counseling on problems connected with studying 
  • Child and adolescent counseling

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Marital 
  • Couples 

  • Attachment Concept (emotional attachment)
  • Patterns of relationships in couples
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Losses, grieving
  • Affective attachment
  • Depression
  • Anger 
  • Panic attacks
  • Gender socialization - effect on partner relationships
  • Divorce
  • Family violence
  • Family life cycle, Transgenerational family approach and genogram 
"I believe that each person is unique and that the people are doing the best they can. In therapy, I focus on clients directly reliving the events, here and now (instead of simply narrating them), by which we raise the client\'s awareness on what and how he/she is doing to him/herself. Many experiments are used during the therapy (playing the roles, dialogue, direct expression, overreacting, pointing out things, working on body and breathing, visualization, metaphors, phantasies, stories, dreams...) which raise the client\'s awareness on what he/she is doing and how he/she is doing it. This results in awareness and acceptance of oneself, better knowledge of one\'s environment, in taking the responsibility for one\'s own choices and improving communication skills. My approach is an educative one, because my clients are given the opportunity to learn more about what is happening to them".


Key value of the “Pro Baby” Center is the idea that every human life is sacred. Main purpose of our association is to raise public awareness about the value of every human life in its most vulnerable phase, i.e. prior to birth.


Mission of the association “Pro Baby” Center is to provide information, counseling and education related to reproductive health and fertility, pregnancy, prenatal development, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, consequences of abortion..


  • Preservation of fertility and reproductive potential of population
  • Preventive reproductive health
  • Reduction of deliberate termination of pregnancy in adolescent girls